About KV No.1, Sector-30, Gandhinagar(Gujarat)- 382030

About KV (Updated as on the last working day of the month)
Established in December 1971, KV No. 1 is situated in Sector 30 in Capital city of Gandhinagar, in sprawling area of 15 acres. It firmly believes in the ethos of The world is one family as it fulfills the educational needs of wide cross section of students especially the wards of defence personnel, paramilitary forces and transferable center govt employees. Competently maneuvered by the Principal, with an active support group of VMC, PTA and highly committed staff of 58 members, the school is marching towards excellence. The present strength of students is 1572.
* Date of opening of the KV. – DECEMEBER 1971
* Highest class and the number of sections sanctioned for each class. – 12TH STANDARD and 3 SECTIONS PER CLASS up to class X and class XI & XII with One Humanities & Two Science sections.
* Sector (Civil / Defence / Project / I.H.L.): CIVIL
* District : Gandhinagar. 382030
* State / U.T. : Gujarat.
* CBSE Affiliation Number : 400002 CBSE School Number :1041 SCHOOL NO 14106 UDISE NO:24060213036